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Green Valley – Sunset

Phone: 702.434.2800

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3662 E. Sunset Rd., #110
Henderson, NV 89120

The Neck and Back Clinics in Green Valley  provide chiropractic care and adjustments for our neighbors in Henderson, Nevada. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating habits, proper exercise, and optimal health and wellness is the overall goal of our  chiropractors. We work hand in hand with our patients to give them the appropriate chiropractic adjustments that they need. Our pain management clinic also treats auto accident injuries all the way through the rehabilitation process with our massage therapy and physical rehab process. If you have been in a car accident or are just experience neck or back pain that you want to relieve, give our Henderson chiropractor a call at 702-434-2800 and get your life back on track with optimal health and wellness.

The Neck and Back Clinics Chiropractic Center in Green Valley North

The professionals at The Neck and Back Clinics in Henderson know how to treat your pain. Our Green Valley North location is conveniently located near the Las Vegas airport, and provides a full range of chiropractic services that can relieve the kind of debilitating pain that stops you in your tracks each day.

Our professional chiropractors concentrate on adjustments that are unique for each patient and their needs. A spinal adjustment at The Neck and Back Clinics in Green Valley on East Sunset may not be the only procedure our chiropractors recommend to end your pain, but it can be the first step. Many of The Neck and Back Clinics patients come seeking the East Paradise Valley chiropractor for treatment of the after effects of an auto-accident, such as whiplash.

The Neck and Back Clinics work with naturally healing agents such as heat, cold, massage, water, exercise and light. These physiological measures are therapeutic and can influence pain and return the body to a pain-free state.

Located right by Sunset Park, our offices’ convenient location is easy to get to.  Our open office hours allow patients to come in after work or even for a quick visit during a lunch break. Our objective at the Neck and Back Clinics is the treatment of pain with the goal of increasing your range of motion and improving functions.

Henderson Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractors at the Neck and Back Clinics in Henderson might advise one of several therapeutic measures. We provide professional chiropractic care with adjustments in order for you to live the healthy lifestyle you want. Through healthy eating and exercise, we help you achieve a goal of optimal health. The non-invasive techniques our professionals use at the Neck and Back Clinics can resolve any underlying problems that are causing your pain.

Our offices at 89120 Sunset Park, is conveniently located near the McCarran International Airport. Call our  chiropractor at 702-434-2800 and take the first step to a better quality of life that is pain free.

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