Physiotherapy is also known as therapeutic exercise. It is designed to improve restorative times and increase the range of motion and flexibility to injured areas of the body by utilizing various light exercises and specific exercise routines. It is also an ideal program that ensures you are an active participant in your recovery program.

Q: What does physiotherapy treat?

A: Physiotherapy can successfully treat sprains and strains of the muscles and ligaments, back and neck injuries, and nerve disorders and diseases. For instance, if you were walking and tripped over a branch or twisted your ankle on a rock, therapeutic exercise would treat this injury by utilizing stretching exercises to increase the flexibility of the ankle, and strength exercises to regain the lost strength, improve mobility and decrease the chances of a future ankle injury.

What physiotherapy treatments can I expect?

A: Our clinic offers a wide variety of physiotherapy treatments that are designed to provide total body care and healing without surgery or expensive medications.

In addition to exercises, we also offer chiropractic care to ensure proper skeletal alignment, massage therapy and pain management.

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